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Monkey and Me

Author: David Gilman

Title: Monkey and Me

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Ella from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

Monkey and Me is about a boy and an escaped chimpanzee! Beanie and his brother's gang are finding a new hideout when they come across a deserted house. The gang here some spooky noises from upstairs and they are scared away. Beanie comes back without the gang and finds out what the spooky noises are........... a CHIMPANZEE!! rnMy favourite character is Beanie because he actually helped the Chimpanzee instead of running away from it. He makes Malcolm (the Chimpanzee) feel loved and cared for not abandoned and deserted! Beanie understands Malcolm and gives him whatever he needs when he needs it!rnThis book made me feel emotional when Beanie escapes with Malcolm to make sure he is safe from the bad guys. I find that Beanie grows to love Malcolm like he is a human and a real friend and vise versa.rnI would recommend this book to anyone who likes to cry in books and who love animal/ animal friendship books!rnI rate this book 10/10 because I felt that it was really heart-warming and I nearly cried!! rnrn Mon 22nd Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Fatima from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

I found this book funny and highly entertaining. I loved the connection between Jaz- Beanie- and Malcolm. I felt like i was truly in Beanie's shoes. The language was well used in this book and it had developed my english language.rnDavid Gilman has done well with trying to show how Beanie saw the world in his own way. I really connected with the characters and had enjoyed my journey through the pages and seeing the world in Beanie's way. Thu 11th Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 6

Anna from Other School said:

Anna O'Daly St Saviours and St Olaves. rnAlthough this book is very sweet and has a nice story but it didn't really stand out to me as something amazing. It wasn't very funny but it did have its moments. It was a very simple and quick read, nothing too challenging. It was a bit boring at times as well. I would recommend this book to people who want a quick easy read. Sun 7th Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 5

Clemmie from Charter School said:

In the story Monkey and Me, you learn about a nine year old boy with the nickname 'Beanie'. At the beginning you learn that Beanie is part of his older brothers gang. Marks gang consists a whole range of personalities. The tale is very heart-warming and will get your heart pounding. I really enjoyed David Gilman's story as it included all my favourite ingredients' for a perfect story especially Humour. If you like books that make you feel like you know the character then this is the one for you! Bye Thu 4th Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Stephanie from Other School said:

Stephanie, 7Blue, St Saviour's and St Olave's. Monkey and Me was a book to be tried and enjoyed. Beanie (the main character) has suffered from leukemia, but still insists on living life out loud. What he comes across in an old abandoned house (or is it) gives him a new purpose for life and takes him on an unforgettable adventure. rnThis book certainly had a some twists and surprises and the kind heart of Beanie made me smile. There are some things that could be improved on however, the book is all in all a fantastic story that will put a smile on everyone's faces. Wed 27th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

DANIEL from Other School said:


Marks out of 10: 9

Aaron from Other School said:

Aaron Bessemer GrangernThis book is adventurous because it has lots of problems like Jez having Leukaemia and Mark being overprotective. There are to much problems and dilemmas to say without spoiling the book but just read the book it is awesome Thu 21st May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Rebecca from Other School said:

Rebecca olatokun 7 yellowrnrnst saviours and st olaves rnrnMONKEY AND MErnrnThis book was definitely my kind of book it was so funny I would say the weirdest but best part of the book was when beanie discovers a scared and hungry chimpanzee in a deserted house it really made me question why I was reading this book I really liked this bookrnI rate it a 10/10rn Fri 15th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Hameed from St Thomas the Apostle School said:

I really liked this book as it shows how a nine year old boy struggling with leukemia can still have fun. I also like how the story has a happy ending and how they accept the newest member of the gang. Tue 5th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 9

Larrissa from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

The book was an okay book I think it was very interesting. I Enjoyed the silly jokes that they made .I think the author wrote a very good book and obviously tried hard to form his sentences ,he varied his sentences making the book very enjoyable .i would recommend this book to others however I think it could use a better story line .It could also be less hesitant meaning there could be more things happening making the reader more interested in the story Tue 28th Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 7

Alexia from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

Even though the tale is incredibly sweet and heart warming I found that a book like itself would of been humorous but it was lacking. It was very nice but I'd say it is average, it didn't hook me in and I found it slightly boring but I'd recommend it for people who'd like a quick, simple read. Tue 28th Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 4

Beverly from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

Monkey and Me is a good book - it just wasn't funny. When I was reading it I didn't laugh one bit, but Malcolm is so cute and Beanie is a very nice loving boy, from the description the author put in his book. His brother Mark is really nice and I imagined him as a 12 year old boy, really cute, handsome and loving but doesn't want to show it. The ending is so nice and Malcolm is a clever monkey. I don't want to give it away (the story) since you haven't read it. Mon 27th Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

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