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Wild Boy

Author: Rob Lloyd Jones

Title: Wild Boy

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Naomi from Other School said:

Naomi St saviours and St olaves rnI read the book wild boy and it was amazing I just couldn't put it down . I think this book would be recommended to people whom like action packed books ,mystery and thriller.rnI really want to read the next one called the black terror it is going to be really good . This book is about a boy who is born hairy and is put in a freak show but he doesn't like that life he wants to be like everyone else so when he tries he's accused of murder he and Clarisse has to find the real murderer. Thu 18th Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

Fatima from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

At the beginning of the book,i didn't really like it that much but after I reached a certain part of the book i became awe-struck by the gripping story line and the phenomenal journey of the freak show star, Wild Boy and the fairground acrobat Clarissa Everett. I would recommend this book to any one who is into Sherlock Holmes and mysterious stories. I admired the plot twisting in the end and of how much Sir Oswald really cared about Wild Boy. Wed 3rd Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Sharlene from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

This was a good book about a freak boy who works at a circus and then gets accused for murder,although innocent. He then sets off and tries to find who really killed the man. The book is set in old England . The genre of the book is mystery,and will be perfect for people who like "sherlock holme" and "Skullduggery Pleasant "rnrnIt was quite good,but it wasn't really my style,as it was quite dark and deep. But it was still a fine book. Mon 1st Jun 2015

Marks out of 10: 6

Foysol from Other School said:

Foysol from Bessemer GrangernrnI liked the book because of its sense of goryness and adventure. I would reccomend this to young teens since it is a dark and gloomy book. The story is mostly based around a boy called Wild Boy who is completely covered in hair. The book is tense and exciting and is set in the late 1800s. Even though I liked the book, sometimes it didn't make sense. Thu 21st May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Lemara from Other School said:

Lemara rnYear 7yrnSt Saviours and St Olaves Secondary schoolrnrnThis book had a really amazing plot and I really enjoyed it. It's full of adventures,suspicious deaths,a mismatched carnie trio of oddities and acrobats,the incredible powers of observation,a secret society of mad scientists and one mysterious machine that could change the world. This book really made me think about people who live their lives in seedy carnival establishments and the fact that it was in London,where I live,made it even better and I enjoyed spotting the names of places I know of or have been to throughout the book. I'm really looking forward to the sequel. Overall I think I really felt like this book was a very awe inspiring and intresting novel but don't take it from me. Read it yourself. Wed 20th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

Stephanie from Other School said:

Stephanie Chiliquinga Wisniewska, 7B, St Saviours & St OlavesrnWild Boy was a book that took me on an amazing adventure. Set in the 1800s, this book was anything, but boring! Wild Boy stumbles upon a murder in the Freak Circus show where he lives. He allies with the amazing acrobat Clarissa Everett to find out who the Masked Murderer (whose started framing them for his crimes) is and why he's killing people. This book was a great read for me and I'd recommend it for kids aged 10-15. One thing that could be improved on though is the book cover, which had me puzzled at first, but then I understood. I definitely can't wait for the next book in the series, which is due to come out soon! Wed 20th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 9

Anna from Other School said:

Anna O'DalyrnSt Saviors & St OlavesrnrnThe book is set in London in the Nineteenth-Century. The main character, Wild Boy, gets his name because he is covered from head to toe in thick hair. rnHe was abandoned when he was a baby and brought up in a workhouse, where he was put in an attic room and left on his own because of his strange appearance. rnHe is bought by a showman from a circus to be put in the freak show. At the circus, Wild Boy meets a number of unusual people and makes friends with a couple of other people in the freak show.rnHe also meets Clarissa Everett, an acrobat, and he argues a lot with her.rn I was pleased that Clarissa joined Wild Boy in his search to find the murderer, but I was very surprised when I found out who had killed the professor. rnThis is not the sort of book I usually read but it was really good. I really like it that Wild Boy has an amazing skill of notice small detail about people. And how he goes through so many bad things and still have hope.rnMy favorite character is Clarissa Everett who is very feisty but also clever and brave and never lets Wild Boy down. rn Tue 19th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

Mubina from Other School said:

Mubina Rahman St Saviours & St OlavesrnrnIt was quite exciting and engaging. It's about a boy covered in hair all over who is a circus attraction. The cover and title doesn't tell you much but that adds to the mystery of the book. The blurbs is quite fun as well. It was funny. I liked it. Tue 19th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 7

Britney from Other School said:

Britney TandohrnSt Saviours & St OlavesrnThis book is about a boy named wild boy. He joined a freak show because he was covered in hair from head to toe and everyone thought he was a monster. He develops an ability to read people’s past but he was glued to a window for years hoping that someone will take him away and when that happens he was accused of a murder he did not commit. This book ends in an astonishing twist but tragically as well. And in the end it turns out that his friend sir Oswald was the killer. For me Wild Boy although an action/thriller book made me think about others around the world that was picked on because of their looks. The use of metaphors and similes were phenomenal. As soon as I finished the first paragraph I felt as though the book had grabbed me and taking me to another dimension. Rob Lloyd Jones has really got talent Personally, I think any child of the age of 12 or over can read this book because as long as the reader captures the true essence of the story, and understands at the end, it does not matter what you look like, any person with strong emotions can read this book. Overall I give this book a 9/10 but just a piece of advice, this book can become so confusing because of many characters introduced at the beginning. But still it was very mesmerizing. Good job on the book.rnrn Tue 19th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 9

Hameed from St Thomas the Apostle School said:

It was really good as it has lots of crime and mystery and it is a really shocking end. I loved it so much I am reading the sequel! Tue 19th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Rebecca from Other School said:

Rebecca olatokun 7 yellowrnrnst saviours and st olavesrnrnBUBBLE WRAP BOYrnrnThis book made me laugh and when I told most of my friends this story a lot of them could relate to this story I really recommend this story I can relate to this book (a little bit) it made me laugh until I cried it made me roll on the floor I feel so sorry for the main character of this book his story really interested mernI rate it a 6/10rnrn Fri 15th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Jonah from St Thomas the Apostle School said:

WILD BOY is a fiendishly fast adventurous story set in the mysterious world of Victorian London. rnrnThis book is very intriguing and it has a lot of drama, intense moments and sceptical stories. I think this book could be a reason why children don't like stories. BUT WHY THEY LOVE THEM!!! This is a very good example to prove my point and other children authors would agree. This book has passion, emotion and some hilarious moments. This book should not be called a book but ''The book''. It is so compulsive, action-packed, so picturesque. I think ''The book'' should be recommended for any one who loves books. Which is everyone. Tue 12th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Micheal from St Thomas the Apostle School said:

Amongst several fist clenching and teeth grinding, the element of fury scalded within my raging brain.rnWhat the heck did I just read? Alright, before I whip this book of all it's warranty, let's start off with the gold it has to offer before I close the mine.rnThe kaleidoscopic book flashed it's vibrant colours as it entered the dawn of the beginning.rnWild boy. Taken from his cell in an orphanage, a fat old man was destined to capture the latter, taking him to a circus. This book CLEARLY encourages domestic violence. He was the owner. Scoring the extra visitors, he was of excellent use. However, when carnage breaks, the mad house was to go to ash, Wild Boy being the culprit. Culprit? You'll need to see. EXCITING!rnHold the phone! Now it's going to get obsolete.rnMinor problems varies SIGNIFICANTLY. rnI find it disturbing. Very disturbing how it's SO COCKY. It implies it rivals the genius. The genesis of all detective stories. Of everything I have read, this made me cringe the most. His so-called "superpowers" are the second deadly sins of this book. Being harsh, it is almost like Byakugan. He can see everything with his massive green eyes. It isn't that bad. However, how he almost KNOWS everything with these epic clues make me too darn curious than I should. Lastly, HIS APPEARANCE IN THE COVER! That's creepy! Look at him I say! LOOK! if he's a monster WHY MAKES HIM LOOKS SO INNOCENT! HE... never mind.rnNow finally I conclude with how I even GAVE it a seven.rnI dropped the book. Literally dropped the book several times. I picked it back up just by MERE temptation. It casts a spell upon one's soul damming him to an obliterated eternity to tha of reading the book UNTIL IT FINISHES! IT WON'T STOP HAUNTING until you finally touch that darn back cover. You WILL, you WILL read that back cover, whether a spoiler or not. That.... that...rnThat's a good book. Now then, that's it. That's the review! Hope you drop the book and pick it up agasin like I didrn Tue 12th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 7

Ella from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

This is all about a boy who has spent his life in a travelling freak show, with amazing powers of observation and detection. Accused of murder, he goes on the run to find out the truth!rnEven though I found the story boring at the beginning, it soon picked up and got exciting. rnMy favourite character is Clarissa - she is an acrobat in the show! Wild Boy and Clarissa start off as enemies but when they have to work together to solve the mystery and clear Wild Boy's name, their friendship grows! She is really kind and smart!rnI would recommend this to anyone who likes mystery, crime or Sherlock Holmes! It is an extraordinary story with surprises around every corner! When you finally hear the truth, you will be shocked!rnrn Mon 4th May 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Pablo from Charter School said:

This book is about a boy who is covered in hair, but raised as a monster. His job is to work in a freak show. There is a lot tension within the first 10 pages. I think this book is amazing, it's so murderous and mysterious!!! This book is so dramatic,exciting and very slow. Out of all the book i have read, this book is one of my best!rn Thu 30th Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

Chiara from Notre Dame R C Secondary School said:

Wild Boy was the best book out of them all !!! I loved everything: the fact that it was a murder mystery, it showed how we discriminate people who look different to others and that everyone has a talent no matter how they look ! I found the opening chapter extremely gripping but also exciting . This extraordinarily , amazing , fantastical book by the brilliant Rob Lloyd was the best book I've read by far!!! I can't wait to read his second book , it'll be OUTSTANDING just like this one !!!!!!!!!! Tue 28th Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

Mohamad from Charter School said:

This book is a very interesting and tense. Also it has a good plot to it. It is amazing that this is his first book for children. I like the fact that he had a unique skill as he can detect anthing using his skill of looking. Also it is sad when he finds out who is the killer. The best part is the part when Wild Boy is in The Tower of London. Wed 22nd Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 8

Ms Seed from Charter School said:

I absolutely love WILD BOY! If you like Sherlock Holmes, detective challenges, historical London and adventure, peril and cliffhangers, you will too. Really impressed that it's Rob Lloyd Jones' first novel - I look forward to his future! Wed 22nd Apr 2015

Marks out of 10: 10

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