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Dandelion Clocks

Author: Rebecca Westcott

Title: Dandelion Clocks

Publisher: Puffin | ISBN: 9780141348995

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What's it about? Liv takes us on a journey through her life from "Thirteen Weeks Before" to "Six Months After". We discover Liv's passion for photography, her brother's obsession with sticking to the rules, the stupidity of Moronic Louise at school, and how the family copes as Mum's terminal illness takes hold... Guided by Mum's own childhood diaries, Liv finds a new way to live. This book is real, funny, utterly touching and absolutely heartwarming. Despite the sadness at the heart of the story, every reader will laugh and keep on turning the pages, charmed by Liv and her mum.

The Bubble-Wrap Boy

Author: Phil Earle

Title: The Bubble-Wrap Boy

Publisher: Penguin | ISBN: 9780141346298

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What's it about? “All my life I've been tiny Charlie from the Chinese Chippie, whose only friend is Sinus, the kid who stares at walls. But I believe that everyone's good at something. I've just got to work out what my something is...” Charlie's found his secret talent: skateboarding. It's his one-way ticket to popularity. All he's got to do is practise, and nothing's going to stop him - not his clumsiness, not his overprotective mum, nothing. Except Charlie isn't the only one in his family hiding a massive secret, and his next discovery will change everything. How do you stay on the board when your world is turned upside down?

Monkey and Me

Author: David Gilman

Title: Monkey and Me

Publisher: Templar | ISBN: 9781848773356

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What's it about? One brave boy, one escaped chimpanzee, one adventure of a lifetime... When nine-year-old Beanie discovers a scared and hungry chimpanzee in a deserted house, he vows to protect him. But where did the chimp come from, and who are the sinister men pursuing him? Monkey and Me is a heart-warming story packed with courage and humour.

Trouble on Cable Street

Author: Joan Lingard

Title: Trouble on Cable Street

Publisher: Catnip Publishing | ISBN: 9781846471858

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What's it about? London, 1936. Riots are brewing in the East End as a country broken by one war lives in fear of another. With one brother run away to fight for revolution in Spain and the other lured in by the increasingly powerful Fascist movement, Isabella is faced with a conflict of her own. As she battles to keep her family from falling apart, Isabella wonders what kind of a future she can hope for in a time where nothing is certain and trouble lurks on every corner.

Wild Boy

Author: Rob Lloyd Jones

Title: Wild Boy

Publisher: Walker Books | ISBN: 9781406354096

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What's it about? Behold the savage spectacle of the wild boy! London, 1841. A boy covered in hair, raised as a monster, condemned to life in a travelling freak show. A boy with an extraordinary power of observation and detection. A boy accused of murder; on the run; hungry for the truth. Behold the savage spectacle of Wild Boy. Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats. The show is about to begin!

Ella on The Bubble-Wrap Boy:

The Bubble Wrap Boy is about a boy called Charlie whose parents run a Chinese Chippy! His mum is very over-protective making sure that she knows exactly what Charlie does and when he does it - he real...